Public Listings

The long term benefits of being publicly traded are numerous and can include: improved liquidity, higher company value, the ability to make acquisitions or attract and retain employees with the newly public companies stock and greater access to capital at a lower cost. In addition, having public trading status allows a company the ability to make acquisitions with their stock, since publicly traded stock is viewed as currency for mergers and acquisitions. More over, public trading status often leads to a higher price for a later offering of a companies securities.

If you are a private company we can take your business public without the need for a public shell.

If you would like to go public in our network we have an experienced securities attorney. You do not have to use a public shell, we can take your company public directly. You can take a new company public. There are no requirements that your business have a certain amount of revenues or profits. If you are contemplating going public you are welcome to email us for additional information.

For lawyers and other advisors we can help forming a public shell company for you that is a blank check company. This means it is a public company that has not had a previous operating business in it before. The company will be formed and registered with the SEC for the purpose of going out to find a company to merge with.

The company will be set up to engage in a merger or acquisition with an unspecified business entity.

The new public company that we can set up for you will be formed to go out and find a private company to merge with. You then locate a foreign or domestic private company that would like to become a reporting public company.

Your company will be listed at the Securities and Exchange Commission website which is

The new public shell company we set up for you will have several benefits and is ideal for CPA’s, investment bankers, attorneys and consultants:

  • Increased visibility in the financial community
  • You have an asset to bring to deals
  • Many investment sources can only invest in public companies
  • It is ready to do a merger with a domestic or foreign private company immediately.
  • The merger can be completed making a private company an SEC reporting or non-reporting company.